MESSAGEix Community Meeting

The Community Meeting aims to bring together researchers working on integrated assessment and/or energy system modeling using open source software.

It is a platform for showcasing new developments and features of the MESSAGEix modeling framework, sharing knowledge on various modeling approaches and applications of the framework, and discussing best practices in model-based policy analysis. The meeting is a place for facilitating collaboration between MESSAGEix users from around the world, by creating a forum where users can share their latest research outcomes and modeling experiences.

The Community Meeting also aims to inspire new users of the MESSAGEix framework on the range of available possibilities and link them with other users in order to help them advance their modeling work. For information about the modeling framework, its structure, mathematical formulation, installation, and much more, please see the documentation.

Upcoming events

Past events

Objectives of the community meeting

The objectives of the community meeting are the following:

  • Connecting with other community members

  • Showcasing new applications of MESSAGEix

  • Exploring recent advances and new features of MESSAGEix

  • Understanding more complex analyses within the scope of MESSAGEix

  • Gaining insights on coupling possibilities with other tools/modules


Please see the current Community Meeting page for the agenda. Kindly note that the agenda is subject to change until a month before the meeting.